Wednesday, September 22, 2010

B-More Lurks

Every time I visit my hometown of Baltimore I intend to do a ton of shooting. Somehow it never seems to happen, usually because I spend so much time running around trying to catch up with family and friends. This last trip was no exception, but I did manage to get a few frames off. I also shot some digital that I’ll post once I get a new card reader, as mine seems to have read it’s last card.
Basketball Hoop at Kristen’s RIver House

Forgive Us

Evan’s Window


Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Print: Lil B and Tamaryn for the Guardian

I just got back from the East Coast yesterday and was delighted to snatch up a few remaining copies of this weeks Guardian, featuring a cover shot I did with East Bay rapper, Lil B. I love the way they used the photo and was happy to see that they ran 3 additional images for the article, which is basically about how B’s incessant internet self-promotion (150 myspace pages, 200+ youtube videos, insane amounts of tweets) is proving to be fairly successful. I should take note.

Here’s the cover.

Some additional shots.

B is a super nice guy and was pretty much down for anything, making for an easy shoot. After we finished, true to his M.O., he shot a quick video on my rooftop.

It’s taken me over a week to get to writing this entry, but he’s already been able to get this thing edited and on youtube. At the time of posting, it already has over 26,000 views. WTF?

For the same issue, I also shot Tamaryn Brown, who comprises one half of her eponymous group that is also generating quite a buzz.

This is the shot that they ran.

and another.

Tamaryn is kicking off her tour this Weds, the 15th at the Elbo Room in SF. Go check them out!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Short and Sweet in Brooklyn

I’m on a bus, Baltimore bound to see my family after a short three days in Brooklyn. My primary purpose for visiting was to meet this little smush.

Sadie Lou Cohen-Thomson was born less than two weeks ago to two of my favorite people on planet Earth - Naomi and Nicholas Cohen Thompson. When I officiated their wedding less than a year ago I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be back in Brooklyn holding a tiny person in my arms while she furrowed her little eyebrow and had an abrupt and very audible bowel movement. “That wasn’t a fart,” Nich said. It wasn’t.

Naomi has always been the most nurturing and motherly person I know and it’s amazing to see her getting her mom on.

I stayed in Buchwick with my good friend and talented photographer, Joshua Simpson. Check him out here.

Me on Josh’s couch. Photo: Joshua Simpson

Josh, himself

After my second day visiting the little beeb, I made my way over tot he West Indian Day Parade, which is totally nuts and teeming with beautiful half naked people. I typically don’t shoot at events like this because all the photos tend to look the same . Plus, I often find them to be frequented by pervy male photogs with telephoto lenses zoomed into the abundant T&A. My plan was to just hang out and not shoot, but I felt compelled to pull out the camera and get a flick when I ran into a true New York legend.

Afrika Babaataa reppin’ Brazil.

I wandered the side streets a bit and was able to make a few photos, usually when people asked me to, but they all kind of turned into very posed group shots, which wasn’t really what I was going for, but there were a few cool ones.

Note the purple dog.

Heartwarming. The cops were really exited.

I had a few more random run ins, including Nich’s brother, Julian, who was skating a ledge in Williamsburg.

Also got to do some quality liver abuse with my dude Caleb.

and Morgan

and Yojaira

and Sarah, who can be seen here giving this kid Mikey a needle and ink tattoo sometime after 3 AM.

He really wanted a tattoo last night, but when we decided not to go to a shop, he took matters into his own hands. Oh, to be young again.

Caleb gave him a Superman cape to wear.

It says “ANNA”

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Print: Scraper Bikes for The Ride Journal

The Ride, a cycling journal out of the UK currently has a spread featuring my Scraper Bike photos accompanied by an article by the Scraper Bike King himself, Baybe Champ. It’s a beautifull publication and I’m honored to have my work included.

I’m thrilled by the continued interest in these photos and the Scraper Bike Movement. So far, they’ve been shown in Philadelphia, Denver, Austin, San Francisco, Sacramento, and The Oakland Airport, as well as the cover of Momentum Magazine with more in the pipeline.

You can order copies of The Ride online at or find one at select retailers worldwide. In SF, you can get it at Pushbike on 24th. They WILL SELL OUT, so get on it!